George and Eunice Ronk Scholarship

The George and Eunice Ronk Scholarship

George and Eunice Ronk

George and Eunice were the parents of one boy and three girls. Although the family had less than most, they grew up in Crestline being taught to think of those less fortunate.

George worked most of his life at Shorty Moyer's junkyard as a laborer while Eunice worked as a telephone operator int he Galion office of what later became GTE. The children remember never knowing who might be living with the family, or what animal might be brought home, as George would not hear of a child or animal with no where to go.

George and Eunice founded Ronk's Auto and Truck Towing, Inc. in 1965, with one wrecker that George built himself. As the kids grew, so did the business, and eventually the whole family was involved in its success.

George and Eunice talked for many years about how they could help children who wanted to care for animals. After George passed away, Eunice saved monies from her salary at the towing business to take the next step to honor George for all of his years of hard work and helping others. She decided on a scholarship so others could be helped for years to come.

The family researched many venues before settling on the Galion Community Foundation to administer the scholarship. Eunice's children convinced her to include her name on the scholarship because she worked alongside George in everything he did. Eunice lived long enough to see the first scholarship presented, and was very proud and pleased with the tribute to George's memory.

The Ronk family is happy to continue to honor their parents with the George and Eunice Ronk Scholarship and to support the Galion Community Foundation.

The Ronk Scholarship Fund is used for the benefit of any student graduating from a Crawford County, Ohio high school, with preference being given to any graduate of Crestline High School. First preference will be given to a post high school student pursuing a doctor of veterinary medicine degree. Then if no such student exists, to a student pursuing a post high school degree in the field of veterinary medicine as a technician, assistant, or similar type endeavor in the field of veterinary medicine.